An inflatable bathtub…how can that be?

You’ve probably wondered about that. Haven’t you? How does it work? What features does it have? Let’s find out!

Soft like a freshly baked donut

Tubble is an air bath that can be inflated in less than two minutes. That makes it really flexible and portable. Steady and yet soft like a freshly baked donut, you can easily set it up anywhere and at any time. We mean it, literally anywhere: a small bathroom, on the terrace, in the backyard, or take it with you on a holiday?

Tubble does look like a normal bath and it has a pretty similar shape and size. But as you start to get to know it better, the magic reveals itself slowly. One after the other, innovative features make you understand that Tubble is different. It’s more than just an inflatable bath. In fact, it’s more than just a bath altogether.

Comfort, because you deserve to be spoiled

When designing the Tubble, we wanted to give it a specific vibe. Thus, on top of its basic functionalities, we thought of adding features that’d allow you to fully relax. The air consistency makes Tubble more comfortable and fluffier than your usual rigid bath. The integrated headrest allows you to relax your head without any issues. Moreover, the integrated matt, on the bottom of the Tubble makes it soft and steady.

But what’s relaxation without a bit of spoiling? Fancy a glass of wine or champagne? We’ve got you covered. One of Tubble’s coolest features is the cupholder.  Handily placed on the side of your Tubble, it can easily host your favorite drink.

Heat retention, easy name it

Tubble has a removable cover which ensures heat retention and makes it suitable for both indoors and outdoors. You can simply put heated water inside and it will remain warm for a longer period of time. The cover occupies about 80% of the Tubble, so it’s only your cute little head that remains outside.

Then, the greatest part about the Tubble is that it doesn’t take your space away. Once you have enjoyed your little not so little session of relaxation, you can deflate it and store it wherever you want. The Tubble does come with an included storage bag as well, so you can simply take the air out, and then put the bath in there. Does it get any handier than that?

So, what makes a Tubble, so Tubble?

You’ve pretty much got your answer by now. We take pride in the functionalities of Tubble but we’re also pretty restless. That’s to say, we’re super busy looking for ways to make it even better. Have an improvement idea or suggestion? Get in touch!

Remember the Tubble mission? No challenge is too big. Let’s make it happen!