The healing power of bathing…

Reconnect with yourself, love yourself, embrace yourself. Bathing can help you do just that. Tubble can help you do just that. Are you eager to experience what relaxing actually feels like? We’ve put together a guide for the ultimate bathing experience. Grab a comfy seat and let’s uncover it together.

1. First things first

Find a suitable space to set up your Tubble. This could be in your bathroom, bedroom, balcony, or under a sky full of stars. This is for sure, one of the many luxuries that come with owning a portable bath. Set it up wherever you want.

2. It’s all about the vibes

Part of creating an unforgettable Tubble experience is creating an unforgettable atmosphere. Spoil all your senses but above all, the smell, the sight, and the sound.

Turn on the music and let your favorite relaxing tunes get deep under your skin. In no time, you’ll feel so much different. Then, dare to let yourself hypnotized by seducing scents. The Tubble Aroma Diffuser does a great job at spreading out the magic of essential oils. Few drops of lavender can be just enough to bring the bathing experience to a whole new level. Lastly but most importantly, light up some candles, they have the magic power to make any setting a lot cozier.

3. Let the fun begin

Once you’ve set up the atmosphere and filled up your Tubble with water, it’s time for fun. Did you know that bath salts, oils, bath bombs and foams are some of Tubble’s best friends? Choose your favorites and don’t be scared to throw them in, they’ll quickly pay off. Not only do they beautifully color the water but they’re also of great help with the soothing of muscle aches or skin irritations.

4. Wine, Champaign, or a Matcha tea? you name it

A nice drink can be your best companion. Quite essential while bathing too. A glass of sparkling water or a nice coffee works great. Of course, a tempting glass of wine has never hurt anybody either. There is nothing more refreshing than sipping on a cold beverage while lying in a nice hot bath. Keep in mind that Tubble’s integrated cup holder has been specially designed to keep your drink up close. Set it up and enjoy!

5. Last but not least…

You might enjoy bathing for an hour, or you might need three. Relaxing shouldn’t be about rushing, so take your time. We highly recommend grabbing a magazine to flick through or a good book to lose yourself into. Time will fly out fast but teleporting yourself into someone else’s engaging story, will slow it down. At least for some moments.

Now that you’ve learned the secrets, it’s time for practice. Grab the fairy ingredients and make the magic happen. Switch off for an hour or two. Unwind. Relax. Enjoy.